Zena RX by Aethon – Redefined Robotics

Introducing the Zena RX, a state-of-the-art healthcare robot designed to revolutionize hospital logistics. The Zena RX offers:

  • Efficient Multi-Stop Deliveries: Handles up to 4 secure deliveries per run, enhancing productivity.
  • Advanced Security Features: Biometric authentication and pin codes ensure safe and compliant deliveries.
  • Autonomous Navigation: Navigates complex hospital environments seamlessly.
  • Flexible Design: Customizable to meet specific branding and operational needs.
  • Integration Capabilities: Works with elevators and building systems for seamless operation.
  • 24/7 Connected Support: Continuous real-time support ensures reliability and uptime.

The Zena RX transforms routine tasks, allowing healthcare staff to focus on patient care. Elevate your hospital's efficiency and security with the Zena RX.

Redefined+ is an optional add-on, allowing customization to suit your business needs and scale. Let's redefine service together, empowering your business with our advanced technology and Redefined+ support.